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"Fun Football" is a soccer (football) game of skill, strategy and luck. The unique turn-based mechanics are easy to play but very challenging to master.
Pick your favorite team and play to be crowned the champion!

"Fun Football" main features:
  • unique game-play
  • great graphics, animations and sounds
  • friendly and tournament games (up to 8 human players, group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final)
  • 48 national teams with real FIFA ranking strength
    (request to add your country!)
  • each footballer with 4 unique characteristics
  • 3 difficulty levels when playing against computer
  • 4 playfields (sunny, rain, snow, indoor)
    each with unique physics
  • single and two player mode
  • Brazil 2014 football (soccer) World Championship
Best played on larger screens (7 inches and up)